We are required to comply with various regulations. To ensure we have displayed everything required, we have made the effort to put everything necessary on this page.

General Dental Council (GDC)

Weston Orthodontic Centre staff are registered with the GDC which regulates dental practices in the UK.

Staff currently working at Weston Orthodontic Centre are:

  • Name Andrew Parfitt, Job Title Specialist Orthodontist and Owner, Qualifications BDS (Lon) 1985, FDSRCS (Edin) 1993, DOrthRCS (Eng) 1993, M (Dent Sc) Orth (Birm) 1994, MOrthRCS (Edin) 1994, Admitted to Specialist Register for Orthodontics 1994, GDC Number 60811

  • Name Nikki Atack, Job Title Specialist Orthodontist, GDC Number 64665

  • Name Julie Betts, Job Title Practice Manager, GDC Number 118838

  • Name Deb Crabtree, Job Title Orthodontic Therapist, GDC Number 128931

  • Name Anita Wheatley, Job Title Orthodontic Therapist, GDC Number 128937

  • Name Claire Hixson, Job Title Orthodontic Nurse, GDC Number 159781

  • Name Allison Moreton, Job Title Orthodontic Nurse, GDC Number 128932

  • Name Becky Saunders, Job Title Orthodontic Nurse, GDC Number 162708

  • Name Lynne Thorne, Job Title Orthodontic Nurse, GDC Number 162708

  • Name Yvonne Ward, Job Title Orthodontic Nurse, GDC Number 195285

  • Name Sue Cox, Job Title Orthodontic Nurse, Qualifications National Certificate NEBDSA 1993, GDC Number 162150

Questions regarding the GDC should be addressed to:

General Dental Council
37 Wimpole Street

Equality Act 2010

Our commitment to tackling discrimination (as required by The Equality Act 2010) ensures that we promote equality to all areas of our service. For a better understanding of how our website complies with the Act, the British Standards Institute (BSI) have released the BS 8878:2010 which outlines a web accessibility code of practice.

Questions about equality and human rights can be directed to:

Equality and Human Rights Commission Helpline England
Arndale House
Arndale Centre
M4 3AQ

Patient Confidentiality

Weston Orthodontic Centre adheres to the standards for patient confidentiality as set out by the GDC. For more information about how we protect patients, please read the standards for dental professionals document which covers the principals around which Weston Orthodontic Centre is regulated.

This page was last updated on the 12th of May 2016

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