Helping your child start life with a smile

Having a great smile can make a huge difference to your confidence. At Weston Orthodontic Centre we offer a wide choice of treatment options for your child.

There are strict nationally set criteria that children have to meet to qualify for NHS treatment. The guidelines that all orthodontists use are called IoTN. Please see the British Orthodontic Society website for more details.

For those who meet the qualifying criteria, we can offer free NHS orthodontic treatment. This includes removable appliances and the traditional metal fixed braces.

For those who do not qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment, or for those who would prefer a wider range of cosmetic options we offer private treatment. These private treatments include:

  • tooth-coloured and clear cosmetic braces
  • lingual braces which are fitted on the tongue side of your teeth (Incognito)
  • removable and clear aligner system (Invisalign)
  • fixed metal braces

An initial consultation for children is free and available for all children under the age of 18. After a detailed assessment, we can tell you if your child:

  • would benefit from orthodontic treatment.
  • is ready for orthodontic treatment.
  • can qualify for government funded NHS treatment.

Children requiring assessment for NHS treatment are referred to us by their dentist. We also welcome patients who approach us directly for private treatment.

This page was last updated on the 8th of April 2016

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