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Lingual Orthodontics takes its name from "lingual" which refers to the tongue. Lingual braces such as Incognito are placed on the inside of teeth next to the tongue. Unlike conventional braces they do not show and this is their biggest advantage. Several designs have been developed in different countries and they are now used all around the world by orthodontists for patients who do not want visible braces.

By comparison with the clear removable aligners, which are also used where appearance is critical, the fixed brace allows greater control of teeth so lingual braces can manage more extreme irregularities of the teeth.

Lingual Dental Braces

Generally lingual braces need take no longer than conventional fixed braces and the results can be just as good. Although mostly used for adults they can be used from the mid-teens as well. Treatment with lingual braces is always more expensive than with conventional braces because of the high laboratory cost in manufacturing of the braces and the extra time and expertise needed for their successful management.

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