Caring for your fixed braces

Video summary: This video contains instructions about caring for your teeth and braces. This includes advice about brushing and foods to avoid.


Brush thoroughly at least twice a day for at least 3-4 minutes using fluoride toothpaste, and after each meal if possible, if you are not able to brush your teeth try to rinse with water to remove any debris around the braces.

Clean your teeth and gums with a small headed toothbrush and use a small interdental brush to clean gently under the wire.

  • Start between the wire and the gums. Press firmly enough so that the bristles spread into the gaps between the teeth. Brush the teeth thoroughly using circular movements. Repeat the same process on the other side of the wire.
  • Use the interdental brush (looks like a small bottle brush) to brush under the wire between brackets.  
  • Now clean all the inside and biting surfaces of the teeth in the same way.
  • We recommend using a fluoride mouth wash once a day, 30 minutes after brushing last thing at night.

Treatment time is usually 18-24 months, however breaking your brace will slow down your treatment, following the advice we give you will allow you to achieve a better result in the quickest time possible.


  • Avoid sticky or chewy foods, things like chewing gum, toffees, and hard mints.
  • Cut up hard foods that you would bite into, for example crunchy fruit and vegetables, crusty breads, pizza bases.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks, sweet drinks, fruit juices, sweets and sugary things. They can dissolve surface enamel – as a result, this can cause permanent damage to the teeth.


Avoid putting things into your mouth that could cause damage to the brace. Examples are fingers, pens, sports bottle tops, biting nails.

Wear a gum shield when playing contact sport.

  • BREAKAGES – Will slow you down.
  • REMEMBER – Your appointments.
  • ANALGESICS – If you have any discomfort.
  • CLEANING – Regularly will keep your teeth healthy.
  • EATING – avoid chewy food, cut up hard foods.
  • SMILE – Be proud of your braces.

Please brush teeth before appointments or bring a toothbrush to your appointment to clean before treatment.

If you break your brace, appointments are available. If you have anyproblems or questions please contact us and we will do our best to help you.