NHS Orthodontics

When a child is referred to our care the first task is to assess whether they would benefit from orthodontic treatment, if they are ready to start treatment and if they are eligible for government funded NHS treatment. We see them as soon as possible (usually within 10 weeks) to carry out this assessment so that you and your child
know your options.

Weston Orthodontic Centre has an NHS contract to provide a limited number of NHS orthodontic treatments per year to patients that are under 18 and that will have a health benefit from having treatment.

There are strict nationally set criteria that patients have to meet to qualify for NHS treatment. The guidelines that all orthodontists use when assessing a patient are called IOTN (Index of treatment need). Please see the British Orthodontic Society’s website for more details.

We should make you aware that we do have a waiting list for non-urgent NHS orthodontic treatment. Our NHS funding is set at 2004-2005 levels, since then the population of North Somerset has grown significantly.

If your child is not eligible for NHS treatment or you would prefer not to wait, then you may consider self funding options. We can discuss these options with you.